Modern, ultra-clear diagrams
An online tool for flowcharts, mind maps, and checklists
Create modern, ultra-clear diagrams
An online tool for flowcharts, mind maps, and checklists

What you get with DRAKON Editor Web

A lean flowchart
A lean flowchart
  • Lean diagrams: You can create good-looking diagrams that are easy to comprehend.
  • Productivity: You will spend less time drawing, as DRAKON Editor Web makes the process of diagram creation incredibly simple.

Flowchart software from space

DRAKON is a standard for flowcharts, which was developed in the aerospace industry.

The main focus of this standard is to ensure that diagrams are easy to read. But DRAKON does not just mean better flowcharts. It has unique features that are not found anywhere else:

  • It highlights the happy path with the skewer.
  • It divides and conquers large flowcharts with the silhouette.
  • It shows hidden connections with the common fate.

With our software, you can use DRAKON in your work.

Raymond Løberg, software developer

It is one of the few editors that can compete with pen-and-paper

The biggest strength is how quickly I'm able to sketch out my thoughts in a diagram. I do not have to worry about formatting or alignment.

Markus G, CTO/CEO, industrial automation

A real great and easy tool to describe your software graphically

Even quick and dirty drawings get a perfect shape in minutes. The tool is smoothly pushing you to sort your punch of ideas in well ordered wired way.

Hallvard Vassbotn, head of Terminal Development

Makes drawing diagrams fun

All the boring cores of keeping things aligned, the same size etc are completely automated. The forced structure helps one organize thoughts and share ideas in an easily comprehensible format.

Scott Hendrick, project manager

Very useful for defining decision-making processes, user workflow and common use cases

Often some processes and workflows seem simple at the outset but really contain complex decision trees and confusion paths, which would be greatly aided by usage of DRAKON.

Alan Lucero, product team lead

It's about being able to explain complex ideas to others

Fantastic tool for creating complex diagrams in just a couple of minutes. It saves me many hours.

Ivan Petrov, software developer

It helps me talk to non-developers

This software lets me easily explain how systems work to other people having limited software development knowledge.

Mind map software

Mind maps have become a widely accepted way of visually structuring almost any information. DRAKON Editor Web gives you GRAF—well-ordered mind maps. GRAF is based on the same clarity guidelines as DRAKON. The key features of the modern GRAF mind maps are:

  • Graphical simplicity.
  • Strict hierarchy.

Checklist Software

A multi-level checklist
A multi-level checklist

Any diagram in DRAKON Editor Web can be turned into a checklist. To do that, just put the "checked" mark on icons in the diagram.

  • If you want to have a plain checklist, create a simple "ladder" mind map with a list of items.
  • If you need subtasks, create a multi-level mind map.
  • If you have contingency plans, use a flowchart.

As all other diagrams in DRAKON Editor Web, checklists can be shared.

It's okay to have a lot

With DRAKON Editor Web, you are going to have a lot of diagrams because they are so easy to make. But don’t worry—you will not get lost. DRAKON Editor Web will help you navigate through your visual knowledge base. Our powerful diagram explorer and the built-in search will ensure that you are always in control.

DRAKON Editor Web screenshot
DRAKON Editor Web screenshot

Work together!

  • Invite your colleagues to edit your diagrams in real time.
  • Share your mind maps and flowcharts with the whole world!
Using DRAKON Editor Web

Tablets and phones

DRAKON Editor Web has full support for touchscreen devices, which means two things:

  1. You can edit your diagrams on your phone everywhere.
  2. It’s good news for the owners of tablet computers, such as Apple iPad, Microsoft Surface, and Android tablets. DRAKON Editor Web can turn your already cool device into an unstoppable diagramming machine.
DRAKON Editor Web on a mobile phone and tablet



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